Solar & energy-efficiency
equipment that pays
for itself
Solar & energy-efficiency
equipment that pays
for itself

When it comes to cutting energy costs and reducing your organisation’s carbon emissions, choosing solar and energy-efficiency equipment makes sense.

With Smart Ease Payment Plans for solar panels, storage and other equipment, you can start saving instantly, take control of electricity costs and move towards sustainability goals.

Payment Plans for solar are as easy as 1, 2, 3.


Get solar equipment

Apply for a Payment Plan in under 4 mins, get approved instantly** and pay nothing up front – so you can get solar equipment straight away.


Start saving energy

Once your solar equipment is installed, we pay your supplier – and you can start taking advantage of reduced energy costs from day one.


Enjoy a cash-flow positive position

The savings on your energy bill are typically greater than your Payment Plan instalments – making your purchase cashflow positive.

The Smart Ease difference

Equipment we fund

business loans solar

Solar power systems incl. storage

business loans energy efficient lighting

Efficient lighting

Voltage optimisation & power factor

Chillers, boilers biomass, HVAC

EV chargers

Smart technologies

Payment solutions

Smart and energy-efficiency technologies are vital for building a better future – for our environment, communities and for businesses too. These technologies need funding and that’s where Smart Ease comes in.

When it comes to payment solutions for smart and energy-efficiency equipment, Smart Ease delivers competitive rates, fast approval and a dynamic, responsive experience. We provide a full suite of options, giving you flexibility and freedom to choose funding arrangements that suit your business goals.

* Subject to credit criteria and approval. ** 10-year terms available for payment plans over $200k or in special circumstances. ^ Savings are indicative only and depend on several factors. Your solar specialist
can discuss this with you. Smart Ease is a separate and unrelated entity to your solar and energy-efficiency equipment supplier and/or installer. Smart Ease solely provides payment solutions. Your equipment supplier and/or installer, not Smart Ease, is responsible for any regulatory approval, network connections, performance or service issues, product warranties or other benefits (as applicable) after installation. ^^ Seek independent financial advice to determine whether this applies to your organisation.

We’ve significantly reduced our energy bill and we were cash-flow positive from day one. Now around 60% of our energy use is renewable and we’re doing our bit for the environment.

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