Discover the brighter side
of Solar Power Purchase
Agreements (PPAs)
Discover the brighter side
of Solar Power Purchase
Agreements (PPAs)

Solar PPAs explained

An onsite solar PPA is a long-term electricity supply agreement that enables you to install a solar system on your premises – without the capital outlay.

Your PPA provider owns, operates and maintains the system and sells you the electricity it generates at an agreed rate (c/kWh).

This rate is typically significantly lower than what you would pay for grid-sourced energy.

Ideal for large businesses that operate during daylight hours, PPAs are typically in place for 7-30 years.

The shining benefits of a PPA

No capital outlay

Solar equipment is installed on your premises at no up front cost to your business.

Big long-term savings

Your solar-generated electricity is typically locked in at a lower rate from day one, reducing your exposure to rising energy costs.

No headaches

The PPA is a fully serviced solution – so you are not responsible for operations, maintenance or insurance.

Accurate sustainability data

You will be able to track, measure and report accurately on your business’ energy performance.

System upgrades included

As technology improves, your system can be upgraded (at no cost) to help you get the most out of the system, long-term.

Increased building value

With solar panels installed, your building will be in greater demand – and often valued at a higher price.

The Smart Ease PPA advantage

Instead of paying up to $0.35/kWh for grid electricity, we scope a solar system to suit your organisation’s energy-usage patterns and needs.


Your PPA provider installs solar panels on your roof at no cost to you.


You buy the power generated by the solar panels at an agreed low rate (approx $0.09-$0.15/kWh) throughout the agreement.


Your PPA provider takes care of all repairs, maintenance and insurance.


The Smart Ease PPA advantage

More competitive rates

With our PPAs, you can typically replace up to 50% of your grid-sourced energy – at rates up to 50% cheaper than grid energy.

Greater flexibility

Our PPAs are suited to both building owners and tenants – and can be structured to suit multiple tenants in a building.

New revenue stream

If you’re a landlord, we can structure your PPA to give you an additional revenue stream.

Longer agreement terms

Smart Ease PPAs are typically for 30 years (compared to the industry standard of 20). This reduces your c/kWh rate even more.

Backed by experts

Our PPAs are delivered through a specialised and highly credentialed team backed by one the largest property management firms in the world.

About Smart Ease

Smart and energy-efficiency technologies are vital for building a better future – for our environment, communities and for businesses too.

Innovative technologies support growth for your organisation through improved efficiency and reduced operating costs.

When it comes to payment solutions for smart and energy-efficiency equipment, Smart Ease provide a full suite of options, giving you the flexibility and freedom to choose funding arrangements that suit your business goals.

Our PPA fund is operated by a team of highly experienced solar and energy experts and supported by CBRE IM.

Together, we provide commercial customers the financial benefits of cutting-edge technology, without the cost, risk and burden of ownership.