Make smart services
more affordable
Make smart services
more affordable

For many organisations, investing in smart technology is only part of the equation. Implementing these technologies often requires associated services like consulting, training and licences.

Until now, these services have been difficult to fund – which can put the budget for essential smart technologies out of reach.

Not anymore. With Smart Ease’s Services Funding Agreement you can now access a payment solution to specifically fund smart tech services – with no upfront cash outlay.

Our Services
Funding Agreement

$20k in professional services and instant approval* – you’ll be enjoying your new smart technology in no time.

$0 upfront means you can save more capital to invest in your growth – and a healthier cash flow from day one.

We offer some of the most competitive rates around, with terms up to 5 years to suit your organisation’s budget.

Services and related equipment can be bundled into one simple payment agreement – an offering unique to Smart Ease.**

Up to 25% of the agreement can be used towards future services. For example, future maintenance, licences or training.

Services we fund

Project management





Smart tech & equipment

How it works


Apply & get approved

Your supplier prepares your application online in 4 minutes. You can get instant approval with no financials for up to $20k.*


Receive your services

Your supplier delivers services. Up to 25% of these services can be for future services (e.g. training, maintenance, licences).


Your supplier gets paid-by us

Smart Ease pays your supplier in full once you confirm that the project is complete, and services have been provided.**


Your monthly payments start

You start paying with affordable monthly installments.

About Smart Ease

Smart and energy-efficiency technologies are vital for building a better future – for our environment, communities and for businesses too. These technologies need funding and that’s where Smart Ease comes in.

When it comes to payment solutions for smart and energy-efficiency equipment, and professional services, Smart Ease delivers competitive rates, fast approval, and a dynamic, responsive experience. We provide a full suite of options, giving you flexibility and freedom to choose funding arrangements that suit your business goals.

We avoided a large upfront cost (and) it was easy to budget for.

Our Smart Ease Payment Plan made it easy to budget for the new screens in our classrooms because we could pay it off in predictable and affordable monthly instalments. We avoided a large upfront cost and got all the equipment installed in a short time frame. Now we have 95% of classrooms equipped with screens – which means our school community of 400 students now has access to technology-enabled classrooms.

Girraween Primary School