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Shopping centre solar savings: Woree Plaza’s smart choice

Woree Plaza, a bustling shopping centre in far north Queensland near Cairns, faced a daunting challenge — skyrocketing energy costs affecting their operations and tenants. To address this, they partnered with Smart Ease and our Channel Partner, Smart Commercial Solar.

Bruce Bennetts, the Plaza’s General Manager, had witnessed the success of a solar installation at his local Bunnings Warehouse, inspiring him to explore a similar solution. After thorough research and the collection of three quotes, Woree Plaza chose Smart Commercial Solar for its cost-effectiveness and comprehensive approach.

Project snapshot


100kw Solar System
369 x Trina panels
3 x SMA inverters

The outcome

Smart Commercial Solar designed a 200kW solar system which the Centre decided to fund through a Smart Ease Payment Plan. The system is forecast to offset 24% of the centre’s energy consumption over five years, with the customised Payment Plan ensuring the system cost has no adverse impact on Woree Plaza’s daily operations. 

Once fully paid off, the shopping centre solar system will generate free electricity, potentially leading to reduced rent or fees for tenants. Solar isn’t just about cost savings; it’s also a powerful marketing tool for attracting new tenants who appreciate lower operational expenses.

The win

Our partnership with Smart Commercial Solar extends beyond financial solutions. It exemplifies the strength of collaboration within an embedded network. Together, we’ve created a smarter, more sustainable future for Woree Plaza. What sets Smart Ease apart is our tech-enabled platform and fast online applications, allowing businesses like Woree Plaza to swiftly embrace solar. We streamline the process, making it easier than ever to adopt clean energy solutions. At Smart Ease, we’re proud to work alongside Smart Commercial Solar to achieve this remarkable result.

Woree plaza shopping centre solar

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