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Sustainable Future: Our 1% Project unveiled

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Smart Ease is passionate about making a positive impact on the environment and society. Last year we committed to allocating 1% of our funding revenue to projects that align with our ethos of sustainability and community.

As a business, we recognise the significance of educating the next generation on sustainable practices. That’s why we’re thrilled that our first 1% Project is in partnership with not-for-profit organisation, is an educational powerhouse dedicated to providing high-quality curriculum-aligned teaching resources on vital topics that create better outcomes for humanity.

A collaborative effort for a better tomorrow

Our involvement with extends beyond financial support. We believe in actively participating in the initiatives we endorse, which is why our dedicated team members, including the talented Stefanie Di Trocchio, are contributing their expertise to create educational videos.

These videos feature Stefanie providing practical, energy-efficient solutions that schools can readily adopt, making the learning experience engaging and impactful.

Channel Partners: your vital role

Channel Partners, you can get involved too! Whether you have recently submitted a solar proposal or successfully installed equipment in a school, your role is instrumental in helping teachers and students discover and use these new learning resources.

Many schools view the transition to energy-efficient solutions as an invaluable educational opportunity, using it to teach students about the importance of sustainability.

By spreading the word to schools about these newly created educational materials, Channel Partners can support the decarbonisation journey of schools and position themselves as a partner in positive change for their learning environment and community.

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