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Top takeouts from All-Energy Australia 2023

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Australia’s largest clean-energy trade show, All-Energy, didn’t disappoint this year, offering up a unique insight into the current state of the industry – and where it’s going.

The rapid developments we’ve seen over the last few years are only set to continue, and with this much buzz in the air, it can be hard to find the time to sort through it all.

That’s why we’ve done it for you – here are our key insights so commercial-solar installers can keep their finger on the pulse.

1. Customers have more choice than ever

Insight > From solar panels to batteries to EV chargers, there’s a lot on offer for customers right now. Customers will pick what they like best – but may also be confused about what’s right for them.

Action > Help your customers understand what technologies will give them the best results – and try not to muddy the waters by over-complicating the choices.

2. The power of choice

Insight > Increasingly, individuals and businesses have more control over their electricity usage, allowing them to choose what suits them best.

Action > Familiarise yourself with the data-control options available. Help your customers make informed decisions by selecting technologies aligned with their needs.

3. Capital considerations

Insight > Solar and renewable-technology projects still represent a significant investment for businesses, so they’re looking for support from banks, specialised funders like Smart Ease, or opting for arrangements like PPAs.

Action > Make sure your customers are aware of funding alternatives that won’t strain their finances. Guide them through options such as Payment Plans or PPAs to help them achieve their objectives.

4. Solve the money problem upfront

Insight > Around half the installers we spoke to at the event said that they are losing out on 50% of sales due to cost anxiety. Often, funding options are introduced late in sales conversations, and usually in response to cost objections.

Action > Solve the problem before it occurs and present Payment Plans upfront in sales discussions. Stop the objection dead in its tracks and reframe the conversation through a solution-focused lens. Read Close more deals with this killer sales hack for more on how to do this.

5. Cash(flow) is king

Insight > With so many jobs on the go, it’s crucial to keep the cash rolling in.

Action > Talk to us to learn about innovative solutions like split invoice/disbursement models, which are gaining traction. Smart money practices can help solar businesses manage their finances more effectively.

6. Know your niche

Insight > Savvy installers are often favouring smaller, targeted, more manageable projects that really play into their strengths.

Action > Get very specific about what you’re offering and why you’re better. Work out where your ‘sweet spot’ is. What industries have you had success with? What size systems are they after? Refine your offer and tailor your services accordingly. Being the “go-to” for a target industry can be lucrative.

There’s no doubt about it – the commercial-solar industry is in the midst of significant transformation.

But by understanding these key takeaways and adapting to them, installers can stay sharp and make the most of these opportunities. Remember: the future is brightest for those who are best prepared.

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