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Energy Efficiency Grants for SMEs: An explainer

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This month, the government announced a $41 million grant pool in Energy Efficiency Grants for SMEs. The aim of the grants is to help businesses improve energy efficiency, save on energy bills and lower their carbon emissions. 

Who are the Energy Efficiency Grants for? 

This grant opportunity is for small and medium-sized businesses with 1 to 199 employees. 

Funding will be distributed between states and territories based on the distribution of small and medium-sized businesses nationally. 

To be eligible you must have an Australian Business Number (ABN) and be an entity incorporated in Australia, a partnership or a sole trader. 

If a business is operating from premises that it leases, it must have the consent of the owner of the premises. 

How much are the grants for?

The minimum grant amount is $10,000. 

The maximum grant amount is $25,000.  

What projects can be funded with the Energy Efficiency Grants? 

The grants cover a variety of possible projects as long as they’re aimed at reducing the energy consumption of your business. Projects could include:  

  • an energy audit 
  • energy-monitoring equipment 
  • energy-efficiency equipment such as solar panels, batteries or EV chargers 
  • replacing old or energy-inefficient equipment  

What projects can be funded with the Energy Efficiency Grants? 

Sometimes, the energy-efficiency equipment needs of a business cost more than the maximum grant available. That’s where Smart Ease can step in to close the gap with a $0 upfront Payment Plan 

Securing a standard bank loan is a time-consuming and bureaucratic process, often with lots of paperwork and long delays. Maintaining momentum with this kind of interruption is difficult, which means projects risk being shelved or postponed.  

This is where specialised 100% online Smart Ease payment solutions options can save the day.  

With Smart Ease, business customers can access financing for energy-efficiency projects with $0 upfront costs in under five minutes. No fuss, no delays and no lengthy application process! 

To find out more about grants in conjunction with Smart Ease Payment Plans, complete our form and one of our team members will contact you straight away.  

How to apply

Head to the website to read and understand the guidelines, the sample application form and the sample grant agreement.  

Clear instructions are available on the website.

Grants will be awarded on a first come, first served basis until each jurisdiction’s allocation is exhausted. 

Applications for the grants will open across the country on the following dates: 

    • Thursday 22 February 2024: VIC 
    • Friday 23 February 2024: SA & NT 
    • Monday 26 February 2024: NSW 
    • Tuesday 27 February 2024: WA, TAS & ACT 
    • Wednesday 28 February 2024: QLD 

As the scheme continues to roll out, we’ll keep you updated on further developments and the impact they’re likely to have on your commercial-solar business.

To learn more about how grants work with Smart Ease Payment Plans, get in touch with our expert team,