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Close more deals with this killer sales hack

If the saying ‘work smarter, not harder’ resonates with you, you’ll love this killer sales hack inspired by one of our Channel Partners. 

You’ll be surprised at the impact of this one simple tweak. Give it a try and track your success in closing solar sales – we’ll be amazed if you don’t notice an improvement!

Flip the script

When presenting a quote, timing, as they say, is everything.  

Leading with payment solutions when presenting quotes can make a huge difference to your success in closing commercial deals.  

Not at the end of the conversation.  

Not when the customer is in a hurry.  

Not only if the customer asks about payment solutions.  

Instead of talking about cost at the end, open your customer conversations with payment solutions and completely change the dynamic. There’s no tense moment where prices are revealed towards the end, and the meeting can end on a high note. 


Of course, this means you can’t wait for potential customers to mention funding options  business owners may not think of discussing how they plan to pay for equipment with the person quoting them. This doesn’t mean cost isn’t a barrier. 

Adding fast, fuss-free funding solutions into every sales conversation at the start makes price objections a thing of the past. 


Sell the savings, not the cost

When presenting a quote, most salespeople run through the inclusions and benefits of the deal before revealing the total cost as one lump sum. If that sum is higher than the business owner was expecting, it can result in an awkward silence – which could bring your deal to a grinding halt. 

What if there was a way to avoid dropping that price bombshell in the first place?  

With savings on customers’ electricity bills typically greater than their repayments, funding solar with a Smart Ease Payment Plan is often cash-flow positive from the first month. Typically, businesses will see their electricity costs drop as soon as a solar system is installed – often by up to 60%.^

This graph shows how even with repayments, the customer stands to save money from the first month.

federal budget essentials for solar businesses
Close more deals when you sell the savings, not the cost of commercial solar projects.

Present your quotes as an opportunity to save money. By using the Smart Ease API, you can easily demonstrate how much your proposal will save the business on energy, even with repayments factored in.  

Smart Ease payment solutions are 100% online, take five minutes to apply for and can actually improve cash flow  which makes them irresistible to business owners.  

This ‘no-brainer’ approach can win over even the most frugal business owner. 

Is it really that simple? 

The best hacks are always simple.  

Beginning the conversation with how much your proposal is going to save your customer, instead of ending with how much it’s going to cost them, is a small but significant difference.  

Installing solar no longer presents a large cost hurdle to overcome. Instead, it is revealed as the fuss-free option for reducing energy expenses that it can be with Smart Ease payment solutions. 

To learn more about the Smart Ease API, contact your Sales Director

^ Savings are indicative only and depend on several factors. Your solar specialist
can discuss this with you. Smart Ease is a separate and unrelated entity to your solar and energy-efficiency
equipment supplier and/or installer. Smart Ease solely provides payment solutions. Your equipment
supplier and/or installer, not Smart Ease, is responsible for any regulatory approval, network connections,
performance or service issues, product warranties or other benefits (as applicable) after installation.

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