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Smart Energy Conference 2022: Key takeaways for Channel Partners

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Last week’s Smart Energy conference in Sydney was action-packed. The big topics of the event were energy storage and – being weeks away from election – climate policy.

The Smart Ease team was on the ground soaking up the insights, talking to our Channel Partners and taking away as much useful information as possible to develop into resources for our industry.

Here are our key points and takeaways for Channel Partners.

Guy Olian, CEO

“Policy has a huge impact on the transition to cleaner smarter technologies. Take Norway, for example, where already 80% of all new car sales are EVs. This is due to incentives and policy commitments like no GST on new EV sales, free parking and EVs being able to travel in bus lanes.

“The other big takeout for me is a proposal that’s in the works to adapt the SRES (STC scheme for small solar systems) to include batteries. Under the proposal, it would only allow deeming for STCs (upfront credit) on a solar system if it includes batteries.

“This would meet a huge need for Australia. It would soak up our current daytime solar excess and reduce grid volatility when the sun’s not shining.”

Key takeaways for Channel Partners

Stay abreast of policy around batteries and EVs. At some point Australia will ramp up on both for commercial organisations – and your business needs to be ready.

Alex Simak, Senior Account Manager

“I was thrilled to see how happy our Channel Partners are with the Smart Ease service and support. They really do feel like family – seeing Channel Partners hug our team members and have a good laugh together, after an insane 2.5 years for everyone, was evidence of our close relationships.

“My top industry takeaway was the urgency to correctly manage the end-of-life cycle of solar panels and equipment. It’s not just about putting panels on roofs, but about what happens once they are taken down. Repurposing and recycling these materials correctly is critical to avoid impact on landfill.”

Key takeaway for Channel Partners

If you already take solar-panel end-of-life into account, tell your customers about it.

Environmental mindfulness could be a key differentiator when prospects are choosing between you and your competitors.

Maxwell Barlow, Administrative Support Manager

“My key Smart Energy conference takeout is that smart inverters integrated into PV energy markets will ensure that selling power to the grid is an option for customers – or, alternatively, storing it in a battery.

This will be critical as PV adoption creates congested areas like SA, where up to 100% of power can be supplied by solar.”

Key takeaway for Channel Partners

Learn about smart inverters and the impact they’ll have on your customers’ energy usage. You’ll be able to position yourself as an expert with your prospects.

Wendy Polglase, Senior Account Manager

“I was happy to see how dedicated some Channel Partners are to improving the industry, which was evident in the solar-installer forum. The speaker noted that it’s the installers who come to the conference and invest time in learning more about the industry who are the ones that help the whole industry progress.”

Key takeaway for Channel Partners

Stay in touch with industry. Read industry publications, attend virtual events and stay in touch with your Account Manager for insights.

Justine Hofman, Marketing & Communications Specialist

“Of Australia’s trading partners, 80 percent are committed to Net Zero by 2030. As part of the clean energy industry, we need to get louder and actively call for faster policy change towards net zero targets.

“It was great to see the warmth and high regard with which our Channel Partners hold the Smart Ease team. They see us as an industry expert, and really need and want our support and training to help them close sales using payment solutions. We add lots of value to their sales process.”

Key takeaway for Channel Partners

Keep tapping into Smart Ease’s expertise in helping you close sales using payment solutions. If you need a hand, never hesitate to call your Account Manager for tips.

Stefanie Di Trocchio, Senior Marketing Manager

“While Australia is lagging behind other OECD countries in terms of climate policy, listening to His Excellency Mr Paul Gulleik Larsen was encouraging. Norway invests heavily in innovation to support its green transition and offers many practical examples that we and other OECD countries can learn from.”

“I was delighted to attend the Women in Renewable Energy brunch and hearing from intelligent, passionate and committed women in the industry. I was proud to be among them.”

Key takeaway for Channel Partners

Learn about training and support measures that are in place to get more women into the solar industry. It could be a double win for your business: access subsidised apprenticeships while improving diversity in your team.