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3 talking points to fire up customer leads in uncertain times

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We’d all hoped for a smoother entry into 2021. But after multiple snap lockdowns, uncertain times look likely to continue for some time. 

So how do you give your customers the confidence to invest in energy-efficiency equipment right now?

We’ve come up with three powerful talking points to help you reignite conversations with your customers.

Talk point #1 – Conserve capital and pay less for power

When businesses are more cautious with money, the financial benefits of getting solar equipment on a payment plan really shine through.

Many of your customers may not understand that on a payment plan, they can conserve capital and still get energy saving equipment. On top of that, they will reduce their electricity overheads.

Here’s how you could break it down for them.

Getting energy-saving equipment on a payment plan means:

  1. The equipment gets installed without having to pay upfront.
  2. Pay for energy-saving equipment in manageable monthly instalments over time (helping with cash flow).
  3. The new electricity bill is slashed because of the new energy saving equipment.
  4. Typically the sum of the new lowered bill and the monthly payments is less than the original power bill.

Talk point #2 – Tax deductions – it’s huge!!

The vastly expanded instant-asset write off scheme announced by the Government last October means businesses and organisations may claim the full value of their energy saving equipment. There is now no limit on the number of claims may be lodged, or the value of the equipment.

If your customer pays for their equipment on a loan payment plan, they literally can get equipment without paying a cent upfront as well as an instant tax deduction.

The Scheme expires next year so your customers need to get on to buying equipment right now.

Talk point # 3 – Forget the talk, just show them your proposal

When you include a payment plan in your proposals you remove the objection of “I can’t afford it”.

In smaller manageable chunks, the equipment cost is always going to be much less daunting for your customer. The pitch becomes, “you can either purchase the system for $80,000 or $1,195 per month over 7 years”.

What’s more, using the Smart Ease platform, you can take advantage of getting the application approved and signed while onsite with the customer.

In essence, you are clearing the way for your customer to make a decision because they have information at hand, and paperwork mostly completed.

We have many more tips and ideas to help you open up stalled opportunities. So talk to us. Contact your account manager direct or via 1300 795 695.